Industrial Process Piping

D&D Mechanical, Inc. can handle any piping challenge, from industrial process to high purity piping systems. We fabricate, and install close tolerance process piping systems for use in the pharmaceutical, paper, manufacturing, chemical, food processing and power generation industries.

We carry both ASME “S” and NBIC “R” stamp authorizations which provide us with the authority to manufacture and assemble power boilers and associated components and pressure piping as well as to perform repairs and alterations to boilers and pressure vessels.

Our fabrication shop works with all pipe sizes. In addition to carbon steel and stainless steel we work with all alloys as well as aluminum, copper, FRP and plastic piping.

D&D Mechanical welders are proficient and ASME certified in TIG, MIG, SMAW & Orbital Welding techniques. Our methods of quality control include dye penetrant as well as X-Ray technologies for weld inspection.

Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Orbital Welding

If your piping projects require the highest standards of quality and safety through the use of orbital welding processes you can depend on D&D Mechanical, Inc. to provide everything required.  Our team of professional craftsmen offers years of experience in orbital welding techniques and know how to get the consistent quality and superb weld appearance and performance that orbital welding was developed to provide.

Automated orbital TIG welding is utilized in a wide variety of industrial applications today where high quality welds are necessary.  These include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, biotechnology, aerospace and power generation with new applications being added on a regular basis.

D&D Mechanical has the ability to produce direct fusion welds with enclosed weld heads for the optimum in weld environment control.  In the event your project requires heavy wall tubing or even pipe we utilize open weld heads with wire feed to produce the highest quality welds. We have the right personnel and equipment to handle orbital welding for your project.  Our in house orbital welding capacity ranges from 0.375” OD through 6.625” OD with other sizes available when required.

D&D Mechanical, Inc. can provide orbital welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and a variety of alloys throughout a wide range of industrial applications.  If you have questions regarding whether or not orbital welding is the correct choice for your application or if you want to discuss our fabrication and field capabilities please do not hesitate to contact us.